Different versions of the documents that were shown during the oral talks can be found below

Fermionic superfluidity and pairing

  • Whilhelm Zwerger
    Fermions with infinite attractive interactions.
    PDF file
  • Pietro Massignan
    Topological properties of fermionic superfluids in optical lattices.
    PDF file Keynote file
  • Sylvain Nascimbène
    Thermodynamics of a strongly-interacting Fermi gas.
    PDF file
  • Gentaro Watanabe
    Critical velocity of superflow through single-barrier and periodic potentials.
    PDF file
Quantum coherence and interference

  • Franck Laloë
    Bose-Einstein condensates and Fock states: classical or quantum?
    PDF file PPT file
  • Guthrie Partridge
    Collisions in ultracold metastable Helium gases.
    PDF file
  • Giulia Ferrini
    Useful quantum states in the presence of classical noise in Bose Josephson junction.
    PDF file
  • Matteo Rizzi
    Pfaffian state generation by strong 3-body dissipation.
    PDF file Keynote file
  • Emilia Witkowska
    Coherence time of a Bose-Einstein condensate.
    PDF file
Disorder and localisation

  • Boris Shapiro
    Cold atomic gases in the presence of disorder and interactions.
    PDF file
  • Sebastiano Pilati
    Superfluid transition in a Bose gas with correlated disorder: A path integral Monte Carlo study.
    PDF file
  • Benjamin Deissler
    From localization to coherence: A tunable Bose-Einstein condensate in disordered potentials.
    PDF file PPT file
  • Elisabetta Pezzoli
    Disorder and interaction: Ground state properties of the disordered Hubbard model.
    PDF file ODP file
  • Nicolas Cherroret
    Bose-Einstein condensate expanding in three dimensionnal random potentials: Diffusion, localization and interactions.
    PDF file
Strongly correlated systems

  • Tilman Esslinger
    Synthetic quantum many-body systems.
    PDF file
  • Sylvain Capponi
    Solids and supersolids with dipolar quantum gases.
    PDF file
  • Tung-Lam Dao
    Probing quasi particles sates in strongly interacting atomic gases: phase detection and thermometry.
    PDF file PPT file
  • Grigori Astrakharchik
    Low-dimensional weakly interacting Bose gases: non universal equations of state.
    PDF file PPT file
Out of equilibrium dynamics

  • Leonid Glazman
    Dynamic response functions in 1D quantum gases.
  • Emanuele Dalla Torre
    Quantum critical states and phase transitions in the presence of non equilibrium noise.
    PDF file PPT file
  • Tommaso Roscilde
    Exotic phases of bosons in an optical lattice out of a quantum quench.
    PDF file Keynote file
  • Carlo Sias
    Exploring transport in a Tonks-Girardeau gas.
    PDF file PPT file
  • Mikhail Zvonarev
    Edge exponent in the dynamic spin structure factor of the Yang-Gaudin model.
    PDF file PPT file