Practical information

You will find below some practical information for your arrival and your stay in Nice.


The Workshop will be held on the Valrose campus of the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis

The participants will be lodged and have dinner in two hotels and a restaurant that are located in the center of Nice, close to the main train station.

The campus and the location of the hotels/restaurant are not far away from each other and are connected by a tramway line.

Please have a look at the following map to locate these different locations.

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Nice is accessible by train, plane or road (it is also accessible by sea but the organizers cannot help you in this case). Inside Nice, the easiest way to move around is to use the tramway line.


Nice is accessible by highway A8. Take the exits 50 (Nice Promenade) or 54 (Nice Nord). Car parks are available in the two hotels. You could also park in the free parking zone in front of the University campus or in the free parking zone close to the hotels, but it may be difficult to find a place. Please notice that it is probably easier to reach the hotels or the university from the north (and then from exit 54).

Maps showing how to reach the hotels (both are very close) from the north or from the sea shore.

Maps showing how to reach the University from the north or from the sea shore.


Nice international airport is located just outside of town. From the airport, you can go to the center of Nice by taxis (approximately 25 euros during the day and 30 at night) or buses.

The bus 99 goes from the airport terminals 1 or 2 to the train station (more details and timetables). You should buy a ticket at one of the Bus desks of the airport (one in each terminal) before taking the bus. You can buy a one day pass (4 euros) that let you take Bus 99 and all other buses or tramway for one day. You can also buy a 7 days pass that lets you take all the buses or tramway for 7 days in the Nice area (15 euros) (more details here). From the train station to other important locations, please follow the instructions given in the following section.


High speed trains (TGV) connect Nice to Paris and other towns several times every day (the travel takes approximately 5-6 hours from Paris). From the train station to the hotels, the easiest way is to go by foot (5-10 minutes walk). You can also take the tramway between "Gare Thiers" and "Libération" (see the map). From the train station to the campus, take the tramway between "Gare Thiers" and "Valrose" stops.

Tramway in Nice

Inside town, the tramway travels cost one euro. The tramway runs between 5 AM and midnight. You need to buy tickets from an automatic machine located on the platform. You can buy single travel tickets or tickets for 10 travels (you can use those for several persons, validate the ticket as many times as there are passengers in the tramway). Please notice that these tickets do not work in the Bus 99 that goes to the airport (for Bus 99, you need the one day pass or 7 days pass mentioned before)

Going from the hotels to the university

The Workshop location on the University campus is easily reached from the hotels. You can walk by foot, following the tramway lines from you hotel to the university (15 minutes). Or you can take the tramway between stops "Libération" and "Valrose".

Lodging and lunches

All the participants will be lodged in two hotels located in the center of Nice ("Hôtel Mirabeau" and "Hôtel Comté de Nice").

IMPORTANT : Please do not contact these hotels by yourself. The organizers will make the reservations for all the participants.

The midday lunches will be taken at the University restaurant on the Campus. The welcome party (Tuesday June 1st) and the evening lunches (June 2nd, 3rd, 4th) will be taken in the restaurant "L'Instant" close to the hotels. Both the restaurant and the hotels are easily accessible from the Tramway stop "Libération".